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How do I create a number dashboards that represent our job capacity based on the daily, weekly and monthly?

For example, I have groups in a board. For each of those groups, I have columns for Assigned Points) If the sum of the assigned points per group is already 70, that means we are already on our max capacity. I wanted to create a dashboard on this that will show our capacity for the current week and the max capacity as well. thank you!!!

Hi @TJ_S - Look for the Workload Widget when building your Dashboard. This screenshot is from a Workload View on an individual board, but the settings for measuring by effort such as Points are pretty much the same: Workload View / Widget

Thanks! This is helpful
But, I was watching this, and this video has that numbers I was talking about.

Ohhh, those numbers! Easy - There is a widget called Numbers you can add to the Dashboard. Once you have it pulling the right columns and the correct groups and all that, save it. Then you can Filter it to show the time period(s) you want. Just add multiple widgets with different filtering for your needs. Image 2021-02-18 at 1.42.01 PM

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