Widget | Employee availability based off current workload

I have a set of data flowing in from another system. In this system, we have the name of the employee working with each line item. I want to add up the employees line items and provide the difference from a full book of business in a widget on a dashboard. Any thoughts?

Ex: Add up the line items to for employee 1. That equals 17. Then add up the availability of employee 2. That equals 18. Then display an overall availability of 35/40 on a dashboard.

These employees are not in Monday.com

Hey Chae!

It sounds like if you have this data showing in monday.com as individual items, you should implement the autonumber column in your boards.

And then you can set up a Dashboard, pulling in all the boards into a Table Widget, and the autonumber column will show the total in the widget.

Let me know if this is not quite what you were looking for and we can figure out a different solution! :blush:

Thanks @CharlotteK I did not know those features existed, but they are not what I’m looking for. Close, but what I’m looking for is the difference between Total possible projects (line items) vs Actual projects (total number of items).

Example: If my team (who are not all in Monday.com but represented in a column) has a total of 150 project, but the total workload of the team is 200, I need the the widget then to read 50 available projects.

Hi There!

This would be a combination of automations, connect columns and formulas to create this solution.

We specialize in these kinds of builds and can ensure its visually appealing to for analytics. Essentially what we would do is:

  • Take the source data from the data board and ensure the text is edited correctly and consistent.
  • Create a processing board with the employee list within it that we can associate these projects with
  • Formula around Total Project Capacity and Total Projects
  • Status triggered by the difference of these numbers and have a delta that can trigger that.
  • This would then be fed to a dashboard for visual representation.

Happy to walk you through this idea and partner on a build if needed! My email is mbuckiewicz@axanexa.com.

Mike B
Automation Architect