Workload Widget, Combining Resource Type into same row?

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Monday. I have a question about setting up a Workload Widget on a Dashboard. I am trying to use the Workload Widget to see all the tasks assigned to a person for certain days/weeks, etc. The problem is these employees do not have access to Monday, so instead of setting them up as board guests so I can use the Owner field (person column), I made a Dropdown column with all their names as options. Using this method, when I go to view the Workload Widget, which covers multiple boards, each person’s workload is shown seperately for each board. What I would like to do basically is combine each person’s row and have it show all the tasks across muliple boards in that single row. Is this possible? I hope this makes sense. I am attaching a screen shot of what it looks like right now so you can see how the same name is on more than one row. Thanks!