Combining items and sub-items in a workload widget

Hi all,

I am creating a master dashboard and with the Workload widget I am checking the workload of my staff with data from multiple boards.
Now here’s the thing:

I have a board that where items/pulses represent an advertising campaign and the sub-items in that pulse/item are the tasks that need to be done for that campaign. These subtasks have their own ‘numbers’ column to measure the workload.

In other boards, the normal items/pulses are tasks with their own ‘numbers’ column that measures workload.

Needless to say, I need to measure the time from the sub-items and normal items together, but that isn’t possible. When choosing the workload widget, one has to choose to measure items or sub-items. It would be nice that could be an option across different boards like Monday is giving us that option with other stats. I.e. ‘Choose the status column on each board’ or ‘Choose de Date on each board’.

Does someone has a workaround already? Because now I have 2 workload widgets, one that measures the sub-items and another one that shows me all other normal items.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is a highly requested feature +1
Could be optional like view items / view subitems / view items+subitems.


I have built a custom monday app called “Team View” to track and manage workload and resources more easily with monday. It has sub items support as well as lot more other features. Please visit Team View website for getting started. Make sure to watch the hands on video as well.

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@thusitha Hi, I’m having some difficulty connecting my board to the Widget. For some reason I get a message that I do not have a time estimate column on the board and I do have. Do you have any idea why this is happening (my time estimation column is a number column)?
Second thing, I notice that unlike the MONDAY widget there is no daily level display option here?
I would appreciate your response.