Workload for sub-tasks visualized jointly with workload for tasks


I have tasks that require the participation (and time) of more than one employee. Hence, thanks to sub-items I can create a main task and add sub-tasks delegated to appropriate people.

The issue I have is that when I assign a person to a sub-item, select the TIMELINE for that sub-task, and indicate how many hours are needed to perform this sub-item, i cannot visualize this in the WORKLOAD view. This is a big problem which hinders the entire functionality of the sub-items for me. I cannot see how much time people have available during the day as the WORKLOAD visualizes only their work-time for the tasks and not for their work-time in sub-tasks.

I would really appreciate this functionality.

PS. Aggregate doesn’t solve that problem. Neither does assigning multiple people to the main task as then the estimated time indicated in the main tasks gets multiplied between all assign peopled.


Michal team,

Do you have a resolution for this? I am facing the same issue. I still need to sign up for the paid version and will be helpful if I can get some clarity over this before actually finalizing the tool.

Harpreet Singh

I too am having this issue!

You have my support on this feature request, it would add much more value to the workload view!!