Workload for sub-tasks visualized jointly with workload for tasks


I have tasks that require the participation (and time) of more than one employee. Hence, thanks to sub-items I can create a main task and add sub-tasks delegated to appropriate people.

The issue I have is that when I assign a person to a sub-item, select the TIMELINE for that sub-task, and indicate how many hours are needed to perform this sub-item, i cannot visualize this in the WORKLOAD view. This is a big problem which hinders the entire functionality of the sub-items for me. I cannot see how much time people have available during the day as the WORKLOAD visualizes only their work-time for the tasks and not for their work-time in sub-tasks.

I would really appreciate this functionality.

PS. Aggregate doesn’t solve that problem. Neither does assigning multiple people to the main task as then the estimated time indicated in the main tasks gets multiplied between all assign peopled.


Michal team,

Do you have a resolution for this? I am facing the same issue. I still need to sign up for the paid version and will be helpful if I can get some clarity over this before actually finalizing the tool.

Harpreet Singh


I too am having this issue!


You have my support on this feature request, it would add much more value to the workload view!!


We are Denmark’s biggest accounting and auditing company with 1000+ employees.

Currently we are looking into, among others, to help us manage a large amount of projects. We face the same shortcoming as described in the first post.

We need to be able to visualize subitems on both the Timeline, Gantt and in particular the Workload widget. Currently the Workload cannot group by “Person” set on the subitem level or calculate and display the workload versus capacity.

We also need the workload to summarize the total workload/capacity for each employee on the project for a specified time period. Ex. rest of the year, next year, a quarter etc.

In addition we also need the a Dashboard Workload Widget that can calculate total resource needs, per employee, across multiple projects that has the subitem structure.

This functionality is critical and key to us and the last hinderance for us to buy

Will you fullfil this request?


Adding my vote here as well for this feature request.

To be able to look at a project, and all the people involved at different stages, we cannot visualize all the people on the timeline. Only one.

So one solution suggestion is to be able to link a timeline column with an people column, and then display that timeline with that person.
Another solution suggestion is to allow subitems that have people and timeline, to be shown in the timeline view as well. Right now, it only shows the main item “owner”.

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subitems without summing up working hours (and seeing them on a time line make sense) dont make sense. We need this functionality.

I saw that you are working on this. Is this available in an alpha version?


Hi, recently we have included this widget for our maintenance programs, we have 8 similar boards for different sectors or areas. Our resources are (depending on sector) on parent item or subitems.

So we cannot make a one-time report via this widget including all the resourses of the company because we have to choose above 2 options, items or subitems…

We need this ASAP…

The same goes for the TIMELINE WIDGET that are not supporting subitems till today, and both versions (VIEW and DASHBOARD WIDGET)…

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I completely agree with the need described above.
The workload view is a wonderful idea, but unusable if item and subitems estimated time can’t be seen jointly in the the workload view.
I hope you will be able to fix it soon. Thanks !


We’re a small company that organizes our Marketing work into sprints. Much like the other commenters, we use subitems to break out shared tasks within an item, and very rarely is the workload split evenly. Workload view simply doesn’t work for us without dividing the effort unevenly. Please add this functionality into a future release!


We also require this feature. We have employees working across multiple projects and some will only be allocated for certain tasks within a project. We use subtasks to make the timing each person is allocated to a project (generally by phase) visible. Without subtasks showing in Workload View, this view does not work for us at all unfortunately.

Ideally you either allocate a person to an entire task, along with a timeline, or else don’t allocate a person at the task level and instead allocate them to subtasks under it - and the Workload View takes this into account.


hi monday, we need this too! ASAP

Hi Monday, to have a benefit of sub-tasks thes functionality is absolutly needed.
Thx for implementing this important feature.

Regards from Liechtenstin

2 Likes any news on this? I’m also waiting for this feature to arrive…

I talked to the UX team at the end of 2020 and understood that updates were coming concerning the sub-items. Would be great to see a confirmation here that this will be included and a better idea of the roadmap on when we can expect it.


Joining the call for this functionality.


Hello ! Can the people who participated in this thread also look at the one I created? It’s not exactly the same topic but the subject is close. We would love to see new features for the workload in Monday.

@Michal_Wolo @gsieber @marcbrown @HarmLommers @Carlsson
I have built a custom monday app called “Team View” to track and manage workload and resources more easily with monday. It has sub items support as well as lot more other features. Please visit Team View website for getting started. Make sure to watch the hands on video as well.


This is awesome! Thank you!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Mollie here from the team :slight_smile:

Although this feature is not yet available, it is definitely on the forefront of our minds as we continue to add functionality to our subitems. I’ve also passed along this feedback now so our team can take a look at your request/experience thus far.

We appreciate your patience! Have a great day.


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