Workload management for part-time resources

Hello ! On the advice of the support team, I’m here to submit a feature request regarding a need we’ve encountered concerning resource and workload management.

The case :
I need to plan the workload of my team (video game development team, with client projects) on Monday. I want to do this macro way at first, and thus assign a task to a set of people (2 in this case).

So I have 2 people assigned to the same task, but these 2 people have 2 different working times per week (1 person works 100%, the other person 50%).


In the workload widget, the workload of the same task is not divided according to the % of work between these two people, the work is simply divided by the number of people. So the 50% person has too much work, and the 100% person is not completely “full”.

Suggested modification 1. : There should be a " distribute " button in addition to the " divide " and " sum " buttons, to distribute the workload according to capacity.

I also tried to use groups, by creating a group with these two people, but it is not possible to define the workload capacity of a group.

or Suggested modification 2. : A solution would be to allow to assign a capacity to a group (which contains the concerned users)

The Impact:
So far, for “macro” planning, I have to work with another tool (Google Sheet or Float). But we try to limit the tools to be efficient and use the same basic data. And we really like Monday :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for reading! i am happy to answer questions!