Dividing workload between assigned people into custom percentages

Hi! We love the workload widget view. It’s an amazing overview and helps to plan visually and see who has capacity and not. We have however ran into a slight problem.

Something we are trying to accomplish is being able to track the work that people have done with statistics and give them fair credit for it. This goes hand in hand with what they are currently busy with and the workload they currently have.

The main issue we face trying to accomplish this is that when multiple people are/were assigned to one item/subitem , it can only be split and summed 50/50 in the effort and capacity function.

In the real world work environment this is very rarely fairly split and consequently the workload view is inaccurate for effort/workload once multiple people are assigned to one item.
We generally have a lead and an assistant on the task where the lead is doing more work than the assistant (uneven or custom distribution of resources). I have also found that I can’t really accurately connect data to a individual in a dashboard if there were multiple assignees in one item.

The workload view only allows a single people column so it can’t decide who is doing more or less or who must take more responsibility.

If anybody has any suggestions that I can look into on how to get around this I’d appreciate it!

Hi Dian,

I completely understand the spirit of what you are looking to achieve and its value. In practice, however, this is likely to be quite complicated. You’ll need all of your team to be really diligent with tracking their time by project/task, which isn’t always easy.

Here are some potentially useful pointers:

  1. The workload widget (in my view) is better designed for planning and looking forward rather than analysing and looking back. Although it might have a role to play.
  2. Consider how you actually want to record the data. Is it with the Time Tracking column? Or some other way?
  3. Data like this will probably need its own database. One possibility would be reading sessions in the time tracking column and creating unique items for each session via an integration (using make.com or some similar tool). This would give you a database of time spent by person and allow you to tie it to a specific task.
  4. Consider the investment vs reward. You’re talking about potentially adding some complexity to your system. This will inevitably add maintenance time/cost. What will tracking this extra data achieve? Will it help your team to be more productive? Could you quantify that benefit? This will help you to understand the cost/benefit of adding a feature like this.

There are many possible approaches to doing something like this. It’s achievable, but for a good result, you’d do well to plan and structure your data in a practical way. Feel free to reach out to me, or one of monday.com’s partnered consultants, who could help you to build this into your solution.