Split workload unevenly per person

I’d like the ability to split the effort unevenly if two owners are assigned to an item, where Person A does 80% of the work and Person B does 20%. Current functionality is limited to an even split between the two owners. The ability to split the effort unevenly would allow us to use the workload functionality.

Just adding my voice here. We have quite a few tasks that involve multiple people, eg an editor, reviewer, supervisor, …
The only workaround I found is to create subtasks for each person and assign effort in subtasks. Then set the workload view to display subitems. It is too much work though just to get around the limitations of the tool.
It would be good to know if assigning effort per user is on someone’s radar.

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New user here:

The ability to unevenly assign hours (or event to adjust the hours Monday.com evenly assigns) is also very important to me. Has this ever been addressed. I like the suggestion @hspaaij made, but agree that would be cumbersome.

My main use case: I might have a 40-hour project that requires a manager, designer, and editor. The split of hours would be 2/30/8 across those three roles. Is creating otherwise needless subtasks the only solution?


This is also a roadblock for me and my organisation. Appreciate the proposed workaround above, however it is not viable in my case due to many tasks having multiple owners. It’s a shame this functionality is not fully developed…


+1 for this - we also need this function