Workload Time Per User - Time Estimates

Hi All/ Team

Our team has been using Monday for years an love it, but hit a bit of a wall when it comes accurately estimating hours.

We more often than not assign multiple people to a Job. One persons effort could be 1 hour verses another person whos is 9 hours on the same project. With workload settings, we either have them both set at 9 hours, or both at 4.5, neither of which is accurate.

With a team working sometimes 10-25 jobs per week, it would be much better if we were able to have individual effort.

We have time tracking capabilities, and text/number columns to type in rough estimates, but have no tried and true way to estimate time, per person, in advance and see that logged or scheduled in.

I recently was advertised to by COR , who look to be a Monday clone, but with much deeper time tracking capabilities, estimating capabilities and related views powered by Ai.

Is a per user Workload amount / time estimate feature something that’s on the horizon or needed by others?