Workload Time Per User - Time Estimates

Hi All/ Team

Our team has been using Monday for years an love it, but hit a bit of a wall when it comes accurately estimating hours.

We more often than not assign multiple people to a Job. One persons effort could be 1 hour verses another person whos is 9 hours on the same project. With workload settings, we either have them both set at 9 hours, or both at 4.5, neither of which is accurate.

With a team working sometimes 10-25 jobs per week, it would be much better if we were able to have individual effort.

We have time tracking capabilities, and text/number columns to type in rough estimates, but have no tried and true way to estimate time, per person, in advance and see that logged or scheduled in.

I recently was advertised to by COR , who look to be a Monday clone, but with much deeper time tracking capabilities, estimating capabilities and related views powered by Ai.

Is a per user Workload amount / time estimate feature something that’s on the horizon or needed by others?

I think this is similar to my need.

Our tasks are not so granular that only one person is assigned (if we did that, we would have thousands of tasks and would not be able to review them efficiently). I tried making a few People columns that may represent a Task Lead, Support, and Advisor. I would like to assign a level of effort to each individual within that task (e.g., Task Lead is Akilah with 10 hours, Support is Bob with 20 hours, and Advisor is Ahmed with 4 hours). I would like all those resources and levels of effort to show up in the Workload widget. As it is now, when I play with settings in the Workload widget, I can select only one of the three roles.

I don’t expect Monday will be adding features for this in the near term. Does anyone have a workaround?