Filtering Workloads by person, teams

Hi there,

Our creative/web design agency has been using Monday for 4-5 months now and for the most part, it’s serving us well, but the main kink that gets in the way on a daily basis is the Workloads widget.

The cases we use this for are:

  • Looking at the weekly workloads of individual people
  • Forecasting incoming work, usually on a specific team. For example, looking at all developers in one view with the work scheduled on a placeholder Developer account to see where it might slot in.

Currently the filtering to try to see these instances feels like a mess. If you try to filter by a person, that person comes up along with a ton of other people who may share tasks or projects with them. And as far as I know, it’s not possible to easily filter by a team either and only see those team members. It makes it really difficult to look at and use in a way that’s helpful.

Welcoming any suggestions in ways to use this that may serve us better, but more so wondering if there are roadmap plans to improve this feature.