How to see members individually on a calendar page


I hope someone can help me.

We track all jobs completed at the company on and it seems to be working really well so far. When a job is completed/scheduled we assign the person working/people working on that job to the item. (they do this remotely while on site).

However for payroll and over time purposes (as well as tracking employees) I would like a way to see their individual schedules each month. When I create a calendar view on the board it creates items by grouping all people who were attending that one task. Is there a way of separating each person? Or even a way to make a new board or workspace where I can view all this information?



Hi @ElloiseThomson ,

Have you tried using the Workload Widget in a separate Dashboard? It’s specifically built for that purpose and we use it to track how many tasks (or hours, also possible) employees have per week (or day).

The tasks do indeed work like yours: a person/people are assigned to tasks, and a number column is used to track how many time they spent working on it.

The workload widget can also be configured regarding how to share the load of a task if it has been assigned to multiple people.


Hey @ElloiseThomson,

You can definitely accomplish this by using filters! We do something similar at CarbonWeb. I’ll show you how we set it up.

First you obviously have your task board and all of your team members assigned. Rather than sifting through each item, you can use the filter option that allows you to filter by column whether it be status, team member, etc.

Since you’ve already added the calendar view, all you have to do is add the filter by employee as seen below.

From their you could either have one calendar and simply change the filtered view to whoever you want to look at, or you could create a calendar view for each individual team member with a filter for each of them as needed.

Hope this helps, and let me know if there’s anything else you might need help with!

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Thanks for this!

I have tried to do this but when I filter it still comes up with items on the board where more than one person attended the job. What I want to see is essentially a list/calendar view of each employee to see what jobs they attend that month, be that alone of in a team. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks again.

@ElloiseThomson Set up an formual column whihc counts the number of team member assigned in the people column. FIlter the CALENDER View based on the values of formula coulmn which has " 1 "
as the value and use the person filter option upon that as well. Check the below short vifdeo for demonstration.