Work schedule of employees

Hi, I’m a beginner on Monday and can’t quite handle the more advanced features.

Im working as project manager. I would like to create a calendar in which I could plan the work of individual employees. The point is that for each day of the week (from Monday to Friday) I could fill in the hours at which a given person uses, so that other managers know who they currently have at their disposal and who has too many responsibilities on their mind.

For example
On Tuesday from 12.00 to 16.00 Tomasz is involved in the XXX project

There is a TimeLine function, but there I can mark whole days

Can someone please help me?

Hi @Aerwin - Welcome to the community! Are you using a Pro or higher account? If so take a look at the Workload view -

If you are on a lower tier and can’t use Workload, let me know and we can explore other options available to you.

Hi @PolsihedGeek. I definitely have one of the higher plans purchased.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that the Workload view does not show how busy the employees are in specific hours.

The best possible scenario is the ability to complete each hour with a project name. Unfortunately, weekly cleaning every day for 15 people would be very tedious