Creating an staff schedule work shifts in Monday

We have a team that rotates work schedules 7 days a week except major holidays from 8a-8p in 2 shifts. First shift is 8a-2p & the second shift 1-8p. Due to being 7 days a week each member has to work a weekend day. Some days they are set to work on the am shift & other days they are working the pm shift.
Would love to be able to have a calendar view of where we can assign shifts to employees and be able to share that calendar with the team so they can see what their scheduled work week looks like.
Any ideas on how to create this?
Maybe the calendar view is not the best option for this?

I would suggest using a workload or a timeline view

Hey there! Sorry for the late response here! If you haven’t already checked out this article, I’d highly recommend taking a look to get some ideas for shift management:
We also highly recommend using a Workload View!

If you’d like further help on this, please reach out at and we’d be happy to get this figured out together! :blush: