Looking for a scheduling option. Any Ideas?

Looking for a solution:
I would like to use monday.com for the following. Any suggestions on where to start or if there are templates out there.
We have multiple groups that attend our facility for conferences and activities. I would like for the workflow to work that I could assign staff on and it would then flow to generate a schedule for the group that would show what they are doing, and one for each team member so they know where and what they are doing.

Any suggestions of where to start?

Hey there! It sounds like it could be helpful for the people attending your facility to fill out a form beforehand and then their form submissions would populate as items in your board.

One of the things to fill out in the form would be dates and times and a text box describing the events and times. This could then be connected to your Google Calendar or monday calendar view to show what is happening when.

Would this work for what you need? If not, I’d love to learn a little more about what you’re looking for so the community can help come up with some ideas!