Need an availability calendar on website, but how do we organise our platform correctly before using the API?

Reasonably new to, its transformed the business from a previously pen and paper ran organisation which is great.

We are looking to hookup through the API to create an availability calendar on our website, but before we tackle that I believe we need to organise ourselves better in the platform, especially when it comes to resource management.

We have one workspace which contains multiple boards, each board is a different existing client (that book work directly with us not through any website). Each client has their own set of groups for all the jobs being carried out for them such as addresses, details of the job, dates already booked in, and which of our 3 installation teams are assigned to the job. The dates are items with a date formatted column set correctly, and teams are assigned via a ‘monday user’, using a people formatted column.

We are currently on the standard plan if that makes a difference.

Looking for advice on resource management, with a view to be able to achieve the availability and booking calendar through the API.

Hey @JamH,

I would recommend checking out our guide specifically for resource management! You can find it here :slight_smile: Have you already had the chance to take a look?

Do you already have the calendar set up on your website? Will you only be using it for availability and booking? I ask because I wonder if there’s an easier way than the API to set up such a calendar!