Staff Booking Calender Board Multiple Projects multiple staff

I am looking to streamline our staff availability , or in real terms, stop using pen and paper.

So heres the scenario 20 staff some full time some part time, Various hours,

Multiple Jobs one person could have 5 a day or one a day, some would have the same job for 5 days. Some may only have 2 hours work on a job and free the rest of the day.

up to 5 people can be scheduling Jobs & allocating staff,

Is there an app or a way we can set up a calendar to see availability & allocate staff , even with the possibility of linking direct to a job .

YEs we use the timeline , but that doesnt allow for half a day or a monday , wednesday , friday scenario.

Hi @Matt_jolly

Did you have a look at the below article by Monday. It might help you out.

Hi There!

This is a great use case and can be accomplished multiple ways.

The advanced option would something like our Resource Allocation App that will accomplish resource assignment and availability as you described.

For a more simplified solution, you can use native features to enable the same type of operations you described in a simplified manner.

Either way is a good possibility and if you want help exploring other options do not hesitate to reach out!

Mike B
Automation Architect