Workload view - option to distribute work based on capacity

Currently in it automatically distributes the number of hours required for a resource on a project evenly over the number of days entered. This is sometimes problematic, as smaller projects which are required within the same time span can result in a resource being over capacity, when, in reality, there is enough time within the larger project’s timeline to squeeze in some smaller ones.

Here’s an example:

Main table

Workload view

So here we have a project which requires 2 full days of effort from one of my resources (based on a 7 hour day), and is required on very specific dates. I then have another project which is 5 days of effort. I need to make a start on this project before starting the small project in order to deliver it on time, and then complete the work after the small project has been done, so I estimate this as 5 days but plot it over 7.

Rather than it distributing the time based on availability, it’s been distributed evenly across all days, which means my resource looks overloaded on two days and has capacity on the others, which isn’t the case.

I appreciate that the workaround is to create tasks for the project either side of the smaller project, but the issue with that is that projects move around a lot, and so you can end up with lots of tasks being created, potentially to plot something in initially, then again each time it moves. It would reduce admin and make resource availability much clearer if could offer an option to split tasks, or even better, where there is sufficient time and resource to do the project either side of an existing one within the date spans entered in the timeline, if it would automatically recognise that and allocate the time based on availability.

Hi Amy,

Have you found a suitable workaround for this or has anyone reached out with an idea?

This very issue is what is preventing me from being able to use the Workload view as it creates inaccurate results.

Unfortunately not, STX