Set different availabilities per person

Hi All,
I’m new on Monday and I’m Struggling with this usecase:

We have multiple people working in our company. Our standard week is Monday to Friday and most are working 40 hrs. But we also have people working from Monday to Thursday, working half days etc. Something else that would be useful is to know if someone is on holiday or sick and that then is known when you want to plan a task or get a warning for tasks that are hit by the unavailability of the person.
I know I can set the capacity in hours in the Workload but this on a higher level. Is there a possibility to set all these kind of availabilities?
I would like to receive a warning when someone is planned on a day that he is not available.

Hi Dennis
Hope all is well
There are potential ways to provide better visibility through the use of resource availability boards & dashboards
I have created a quick video that will show some of the possibilities
Users can also set their working status in addition to the video walkthrough which will show if they are off or not with a little icon when you go to assign them
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Many thanks in advance