Schedule in calendar with hours zone?

Anyone have an idea how to do something like this on This is schedule for radiostation :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough, one of our team showed me a board he has been working on for scheduling resources etc. which would easily be adapted to your use case.

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can anyone help? :slight_smile: I don’t think this can be done on

Hey @r220, I definitely think that this is achievable in the platform! Whilst it will require a bit of experimenting to ascertain what works best for your use-case, I’ve popped a couple of screenshots below to show you how you can replicate this in the platform:

Example 1: Utilising items to represent each week day, and subitems for the day run-down, all within one group (perhaps each group can mark a specific month?)

In this case you can use the updates section for key notes or pieces of information.

Example 2: Utilising groups to mark each week-day, and items to represent the tasks for each day:

In this case, you can then use subitems to include key notes or pieces of information.

Hope this helps start you off!

@BiancaT Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: Do you have any idea for displaying this? I don’t know how to display it in a calendar or some other form? :slight_smile:

ps. When i get calendar view i don’t see nothing :confused:

No problem! Hm, if you play around with the calendar view settings, does anything change? Would you be able to give a bit of insight into how your board is looking - in terms of format? Would you be happy to send over a screenshot of the calendar settings, and the view that appears? :pray:

@BiancaT I upload am screenshots from my workflow. This is how it looks. I don’t know how to display start and end of hours start and i don’t know how to display a content in this hours area.

So as you’ve noticed, if you select the two date columns (start and end time), the item will display in the two seperate areas specific to the time set - unfortunately it won’t block out the entire time period.

Can I ask if utilising our calendar integration (via Gmail or Outlook) could work for you? This way, you’re able to block out time in an external calendar?