Calendar 2.0 - Help us build the best calendar experience

Ron here from monday’s Product team. It’s your opportunity to influence our product!

Making the best calendar experience that could utilize all of benefits is a daunting task. We want to hear your thoughts on how to make it the best one 📆 🎉

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By “calendar” do you mean the board view or how our external calendars (e.g. within Gmail, Outlook etc) connect to Monday? Or both?

I ask because I don’t use the Calendar board view very often, but use my Gmail calendar all day every day!


Hi! We are focusing ATM specifically on interaction with external calendars, scheduling meetings with external invitees etc. We would love to speak mostly to Sales people/ people who use a CRM as part of their activities management


Our sales team is in desperate need of a functional calendar. Can we discuss?

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When might we see some changes to this feature as I’m seriously considering employing someone to build another calendar view for duration it’s costing us the fees of a whole other project management software just to keep a calendar and I love Monday I just want to cut ties with the other software


Would be great to be able to schedule Monday tasks in outlook calendar like shown on the video: Scheduling your Microsoft To Do Tasks in Outlook - YouTube. The video shows how easily you can schedule Microsoft todo tasks in your Outlook calendar.


Have there been an updates on when this will be released?

I use Monday for strategic planning and it would be amazing if calendar dates could be clustered into quarters, trimesters (we are on a trimester plan), and years. I’d like to use the date column and instead of having to select specific dates for the start/end of a time period, I want to select T1_2022 or just 2022 for instance and have those timelines show up on the gannt view.


Any updates on a release date yet?