Time Blocking with Monday

Hello Everyone!

I use time blocking to boost my productivity and efficiency. I have not figured out a good way to pull this off with Monday. I was curious, does anyone have any examples of a time blocking workflow or does anyone know of a a time blocking/productivity app that can sync with Monday.com tasks?

Hey @nsheetz86!

Do you have an external calendar connected to Google or Outlook? Would you consider using our integration with Gmail/Outlook to set up time blocking in your external calendar through monday? I ask this as our calendar integration offers more robust time-blocking functionality. By setting up your schedule/time-blocking in monday, you can then use the integration to automatically sync events to your external calendar when a new item is created or updated.


Let me know what you think!

Hey @BiancaT thanks for the response! I hadn’t thought about that integration I am going to give that a try in a little bit and will report back on my thoughts on using that integration in that way.

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Sounds good! Let me know if you need a hand as you get set up :slight_smile: