Outlook calendar integration management


We are in a testing phase of Monday. And are getting stuck on a point which we don’t understand it is not tackled yet. Perhaps someone has a different approach.

Users are having multiple boards. And have set up an integration 2-way with Outlook Calendar in all boards. because these all have planned items.

Expectation was: an item was made with a date and this would be synchronized to Outlook Calendar. In outlook calendar this appears and can be planned further in the day or maybe plan it on a different day later if this suits the user. This then synchronizes back to Monday, so colleagues can see the progress of a project and can work accordingly.

In reality a copy of the calendar item of Outlook is synchronized to Monday. No change is made to the original item and new items pop-up in all the boards. Feels like there not any form of intelligence build in the sync.

Also new items in Outlook pop-up in all boards. Which ofc is exactly as asked in the integration, but of course is not what a user would want. He would like Monday managed project items to sync up not all calendar item created and definitely not appear in all boards in copies.

If Monday is a management smart tool to makes things better, how do you set it up so you can plan your tasks and projects while using a really commonly used calendar (Outlook)

I’ve tried looking for pre-fix code or anything like that, but I could not find any solution yet. How does this work properly? We can’t imagine this is not a build in function already.

Hey Sander,

I want to be sure I am understanding the roadblock here before moving forward. To clarify, across all board you have set up the Outlook Cal integration to sync items to calendars and sync events (from the calendar) to the platform - correct? Is the issue that this process is creating loops in your system? For example, when an item is created it creates an event, but the creation of an event creates an item and vice versa?

Goodmorning Bianca,

Yes, multiple boards and all have the integration. Then an item is changed or created in Monday and is synced to Outlook. Then when a change is made to that event in Outlook Cal it gives copies in all boards in the highest group with new items. Of course they have no place here. And it also does ‘nt change the original item at all! It is not really a loop because it stops there.

Really looking for a 1:1 sync with Outlook Calender with Monday only items (using a pre-fix code a.g.). New items created in Outlook which do not originate from Monday do not have to appear in any boards for me. There is no reason a.g. for a lunch meeting to appear in any board.

I’m trying to plan items and give people assignment with Monday being the central tool. Maybe that will be the follow-up question, when this is organized how the integration has to be set-up with multiple users syncing automatically their specific assignments from 1 board.




Hi Sander

Is your outlook linked to Teams by any chance,

We cant use the outlook integration because our Outlook is linked to Teams and we get duplicated items when ever a meeting is accepted, declined etc.

No we don’t have it linked to Teams. We had to stop using Monday because of a.o. the outlook integration bug. We now switched to Microsoft Planner.