🚨 New app alert - πŸ“… Better Calendar View

Hey guys,

Nikola from SpicyTab here! We just released our new app - Better Calendar View!

Elevate your monday.com experience with Better Calendar View! Dive into a vibrant, integrated calendar that effortlessly transforms your tasks and events into a visual masterpiece. This tool is perfect for teams wanting a fusion between tasks, timelines, and personal calendars.

With Better Calendar View, you’ll enjoy:

  • Vivid visuals that showcase tasks and events in a rich, color-coded format. Say goodbye to mundane calendar entries and instantly spot patterns, priorities, and appointments.
  • Dynamic grouping that lets you categorize events by any property, be it projects, team members, or milestones.
  • Seamless two-way syncing with Google Calendar and Outlook. Keep all your platforms interconnected and ensure every update reflects everywhere.

Say adieu to the challenges of:

  • Juggling multiple calendars. Consolidate your commitments and experience the simplicity of a unified view.
  • Team misalignments and scheduling mishaps. The clear and vibrant visuals leave little room for oversight or double bookings.
  • Repeated manual integrations. Our real-time sync ensures that changes in one place automatically reflect in the other.


  • Having all your meetings, from team check-ins to brainstorm sessions, reflected in one comprehensive space.
  • Effortlessly booking and tracking resources, whether it’s a meeting room, guest suite, or the latest tech gadget.
  • Mapping out project milestones with the clarity of key dates, deadlines, and deliveries, right at your fingertips.
  • Streamlining your event management, from planning webinars to office retreats, by visualizing each step.
  • Intertwining personal commitments with work events, so you never miss out on important moments in both spheres.

Want to fall in love with Better Calendar View? Add it to your monday.com account!