Calendar View for "My Work"

For my company, we consistently have about 20 different projects going on at once, with different team members assigned to each one. A few of us, though, have assignments for every single project, which can become very confusing very quickly.

So I need a calendar view capable of showing me all my assignments from 20 different boards in one location - and it needs to work in both desktop and the mobile app. But so far I haven’t been able to find anything like what I’m describing, which seems mind boggling for a project management tool like this. A list view isn’t very practical when you’re trying to see what dates are open for scheduling meetings and the like.

First I tried using My Work, which seems promising at first: every item that you are assigned to is automatically collected there. But there is no calendar view on desktop or mobile. I’ve heard that there’s a roundabout way of creating a calendar view on iPhone, but nothing yet for Android (which is what I have).

Next I tried creating a calendar widget just for myself, but once again no luck. Even on Pro, you can only connect 10 boards, which is half of what I need.

So finally I tried creating a personal board using “Connected Boards” and “Mirror” columns, to manually collect all of my assigned tasks in one place. There is still a limit on how many boards you can connect to a single “connected boards” column, but I got around this by creating multiple columns, splitting the different project boards between them. Not the prettiest looking thing, but I finally managed to get a single calendar view of all my assignments across 20 boards…at least, on desktop. Unfortunately, I’ve now found that the mobile app doesn’t seem to support dates and timelines pulled from “mirror” columns. I’ve also found that the Google Calendar integration doesn’t work for “mirror” columns, so that option is out as well.

A desktop/mobile calendar view MUST be added somewhere. Either My Work needs a calendar view added or “collected boards” and “mirror” columns need to be given more available functions when it comes to calendar views. This may become a serious deal breaker for us.

I’m a visual person myself and I LOVE this idea! It just better helps put everything into perspective!

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Same here, a calendar view of “My work” would be wonderful. The “competition” (Asana) does this perfectly:

“My work” was a big leap forward, but a calendar view would be great!

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THIS! My org just switched from Asana to Monday and I am kicking myself for not looking more closely at the product. Had I known there wasn’t a calendar view for My Work, I would not have agreed to the switch. It’s SO hugely helpful for managing my tasks across many different projects and essentially generating a daily to do list. PLEASE PLEASE add this feature!