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Can anyone help with a couple of questions about calendar views?

Can you draw in all boards into one calendar view? If not, could we integrate each board with a new outlook calendar (does this work or just google?) and view in one place there?

Is calendar view is possible in the app? Can only see ‘table’ or ‘map’ (confusingly).

Calendar View is extremely limited in the app now (iOS) I am not aware of a way to sync all boards to one external calendar. However, you can achieve what you are looking for with Dashboards. We have a board for events, time off, work orders, etc viewable in one dashboard. We like it quite a lot because you can click on an event and it brings up everything you need in one spot.


Using calendar widget from dashboards wont do this?

The widget allows you to do that on the dashboard but in our circumstance we have a project manager who is onsite most of the time and needs a way to see all appointments on his iphone. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey @Mel and @georgiew, the best way to draw in all boards into one calendar view is the calendar widget in a dashboard, as Mel mentioned :slight_smile:

You could also integrate with Outlook calendar and view on the Outlook calendar app.

In terms of seeing all of your manager’s appointments, have you thought about making a board just for this, where he could see his apoointment times in the date column in a main table view?

Hi Talia,

The Issue I am having is that if I draw all boards into one calendar on the widget view this calendar cannot be synced with Outlook and it is a dashboard and not a board.

I could potentially create a board just for appointments but would then be pulling information from several boards. I am not quite sure how to automate that and it will be just then be entering in the same data multiple times.



Hey @Mel, thanks for your response :blush: These are some good points about the pros and cons of different ways of showing dates in You’re right that if you created a board just for appointments it would involve reentering data manually multiple times. I think that’s probably the best solution, however.

The other solution would be using calendar view in the mobile app. Do you think this would work for you? Let me know!

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Hey @georgiew @Mel

It’s been a while but I just wanted to update you that the Calendar widget is now available on the mobile app as a view only widget!

You can read more about it here: Mobile app - Dashboards – Support

Let me know if it helps?

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