Calender view with dates from multiple boards


I have ~30 different boards (all other boards have kind of the same layout). Each board has items with people that do tasks, these tasks can takes an X amount of hours. I would like to have a dashboard where I can view the occupation for each person (like amount of hours per board, week or something like this). Also I would like to have a calender view that displays when people have time free.

I know about the calender view but haven’t figured out yet if I can use data from multiple boards displayed in one calender view.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @Stan!

Had you checked out the calendar widget? This allows you to pull dates from multiple boards into one calendar within a dashboard.

Check out more information here: The Calendar View and Widget

As for managing resources, specifically each persons hours per week, I believe our workload widget might be helpful for you. Had you tested this out, The Workload View and Widget?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and we can go from there :smile: