Calendar day/hour view

It would be cool to have a real calendar in monday. Currently I am adding truck tours as items and they have a begin date/time and end date/time. I would love to see these times as a block in a calendar and adjust the times inside the calendar. Just like it is possible in google calendar. The gantt view doesnt support hour view and the timeline doesnt as well. Is there any reason why this is not possible? The app market doesnt have a good calendar as well which is possible to do it. Hourly planner comes the closest, but is far from customizable. When will there be a real calendar where we can specify begin and end date/time?

I agree, it is annoying that the duration of an event/meeting can’t be included. It makes it not usable for an office calendar for the team to know which meetings are happening when.


This surely has to be one of the highest priorities for development. The calendar is almost useless without it.


I actually asked about this at the end of our onboarding, explaining that at least two people in our team would benefit from time blocking in Monday. employee suggested using Google calendars for this purpose and sync up, but the issue is that our company uses Outlook and not Google, and Outlook would create a visual mess for everyone - we share calendars within a team of 6, and use Outlook Calendar to see meetings/annual leave on each other’s calendars. If we added every single activity of every single member there, it would be a disaster.

I’d love to have a board view where I could just drag and drop projects/items on a certain day for 2 hrs, then drop the same one for an hour on the next day if the task/project is incomplete.

It would help our manager see what I am doing this week, next week etc. and adjust our workloads accordingly, and also accept/deny requests for more projects depending on how many days it takes to complete one.

The current calendar view is confusing. At first, I thought it was duplicating activities. But then I read one posting was for the start and the second was for the end. Events should should up as a block of time like most calendar apps.