Holiday/Blackout days in Timeline/Gantt Views

It would be great if we could blackout days that we don’t want our items to be scheduled on. Major holidays and company vacation days so we don’t accidentally schedule something over one of those days.


I encounter this gap in functionality when planning a project that is about to overlap with the upcoming holidays in IL in September

Be able to block holidays as a working days is an important feature


I sencond this we really need this as it’s basic project management requirement!


Hi, same need here, it could be great to have it to improve our plans ! Thanks !

Super important! Monday just launched this nice automation to mach items with a usercase of holiday requests. As often in monday, this only works in a simple way because we cannot define holidays. This again means a lot of work arounds or alternative solutions for HR while I am trying to convince them that monday is a great tool and should be further implemented…

Has anything further happened with being able to block out certain dates (public holidays etc) within a Project so that these are treated like weekend exclusion in the timeline and Gannt?

same need for us as well
It could be great to have it to improve our plans