Date Blocker - Timeline and Dependencies Function

Cannot find the answer to this anywhere - but has a timeline tool and so I figure this MUST be possible. I want to put dates into the admin somehow so that it blocks out working on public holidays, xmas, new years day etc? When you consider Smartsheet or MS Project, these allow this action, so that your timeline ensures accuracy and doesn’t have people working over xmas! How can we make this work within

Hey @Sambapcor,

Thanks for posting about this and welcome to the community!

This is a function that we don’t have at the moment, I’m afraid, but are looking into. It involves changes in a lot of areas of the platform (timeline, workload view, deadlines, dependencies, etc.) but is definitely something we want to prioritize. I can understand how useful it’d be to block out public holidays, Christmas, etc! I’ve passed your feedback to my team to see if we can prioritize it further and will continue to advocate for a feature like this internally.

We originally had a plan to release a feature like this in Q4 of this year but it may be pushed back.

If you’d like workarounds for avoiding these holidays/making sure your timeline is accurate, please don’t hesitate to write to us at :blush: