Excluding holidays from project timelines

Please add the ability to exclude holidays/non-work days from timelines. I need to be able to add our company’s holidays into the system. I then need to be able to adjust timelines and have our holidays accounted for automatically. Excel can do this, monday.com cannot. Thank you!

This definitely needs more attention and consideration. It’d be nice if the dates could include all days in between so it can export to Google or Outlook Calendar correctly, but when the day count shows, it would show WORK DAYS and not all days. Especially when it comes to vacation/PTO schedule. That way us payroll/HR people can look and see a person has the 1st to the 14th off, but really it’s only 10 working days - we don’t want weekends/holidays counted.

This platform cannot compete with the likes of Smartsheet until this functionality becomes available.