Setting non work days in Monday

I would love having the capability to setup non working days in my account. These days will be grayed in Gantt (as weekend days are). In addition, I will have several options of telling Monday how to treat these days:

  1. Do not consider non working day for project duration (e.g.: if a task is planned to take 4 days and there is one non working day within its timeline, Monday will know to consider 4 working days ignoring the non working day).
  2. Allow work in non working days (no hard block by Monday from assigning/calculating non working days as work days).

In accordance to the selection made in the account level, Monday will know to display the outcome in the Gantt/Calendar views and related resource widgets.


Hey @baruchm,

Thanks for your feature request!

Can you let me know if the existing feature request aligns with your specific need here? We can then merge the requests to consolidate votes and put greater emphasis on this need :pray:

Thanks Bianca! It can definitely fit.


Hello @baruchm,

You can use the Date Check app for this. Here is a sample demo. Even better, you can set non-working days for users in your account.
If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

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Thank you but I am looking for a solution within Mondays’ capabilities rather than in app pay…

Hi everybody!

Danielle here from the team :slight_smile:

We are working on an exciting new feature that allows you to manage availability on the account and we are looking for accounts to join our beta group! The feature includes:

1) Adding Work Schedules in ‘Admin’:

The ability to define multiple account-level work schedules for different users. Work schedule includes the ability to customize the following for different users:

  • Working hours per day
  • Working days/ Weekends
  • Holidays or other non-working days

2) Visibility of work schedules in workload:

Displaying holidays/weekends of different users in workload + calculating user capacity based on work schedule

If you want to join the beta group please sign up in this form: WorkForms

Currently the Holiday days are not customizable on
There should be an option to customize the holiday days for an account so that those days are not part of the timeline and holidays observed aren’t counted in the amount of days it takes for each step/task to get completed.
In this case we can also update the bank holidays in our country or a Non working day for our office.
A setting to be done in account settings should work in this case.

I’ve applied for this beta but haven’t heard anything back. The ability to add holidays for individual users is going to be a game changer for us. Anyone I can contact?

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i would also like to request for the ability to enter holiday dates and periods to be excluded from dates and timelines. Please and thank you