Greater flexibility in Workload/Capacity view for workweek & hours


I’d like to request greater flexibility around workweek options and hours in the Workload/Capacity view. Flexibility around:

  1. Defining four day, five day, six day, or seven day work week.
    1.1) Ability to define start and end days (e.g. work week is Monday-Thursday, Sunday-Friday, etc.)
    1.2) Ability to define which days are weekends (e.g. Friday-Saturday, Friday-Sunday, Saturday-Sunday).
  2. Ability to set hours on a day by day basis (vs the current weekly basis that is divided by 5 days).
    2.1) 10 hours on Monday, 10 hours on Tuesday, 10 hours on Wednesday, 10 hours on Thursday, and 6 hours on Friday
  3. Ability to black out days (such as Holidays). This is being requested in the Timeline/Gantt view in this request: Holiday/Blackout days in Timeline/Gantt Views