Lack of weekly capacity setting for Workload View using new Work Schedule option

I’m testing out the new Work Schedule feature currently in Beta, using it in a Workload View. If I enable the Custom Capacity option (ie not Work Schedule), I can input a weekly capacity and the Workload View will display items in red that go over the daily average of that capacity limit.
However, when I switch from Custom to Work Schedule, there is no weekly capacity input field. And even if I set the minutes (Numbers column) for a given task to a very small number, it still shows as red. Anyone got any ideas how the new Work Schedule option in Workload View calculates over/under capacity? I know it’s in Beta but just trying to understand the logic of Work Schedule in the Workload View.

Hey Patrick!

I am checking on this with our team internally. I will update you as soon as I hear back :pray:

Thanks for your patience with me Patrick.

Regarding the work schedule feature, this works so that the capacity is defined by the work schedule the user is assigned to - (working days defined in work schedule * by working hours per day) - non working days. The custom setting can be used if you don’t want to pull the capacity from the work schedule. Does this help explain?

I’m also interested in how the new Work Schedule feature interacts with the existing custom work hours setting. While the Work Schedule feature seems promising for visualizing availability, it doesn’t seem to fully integrate with the custom work hours, which is where we specify the actual capacity for each person. The current “custom work hours” feature has its limitations, as any changes made are retroactively applied and can distort the historical accuracy of the workload view.

Ideally, these two features should work in tandem. The Work Schedule would define the days someone is available, while the custom work hours would allow for more granular control over the number of hours available on each of those days. This would give us a much more accurate picture of an individual’s true capacity, which can vary greatly from week to week. For example, someone might be scheduled to work five days a week but have fluctuating availability due to meetings or personal appointments.

Furthermore, it would streamline the process if we could import public holidays for everyone at once, rather than having to create separate work schedules for each team member and repeatedly add the same holidays.

By addressing these issues and integrating these features more effectively, the Workload View could become a much more valuable tool for managing resources and project timelines accurately.

Additionally, lunch breaks should be factored in, as the current calculation doesn’t account for them and overestimates total work hours. A summary of the work hours, not just start and finish times, would be a helpful addition.

The more I use it, the more questions I get.
I have a 5-day work schedule, so it calculates over that week. But I need to work on a weekend (not regular) now it doesn’t show up because I have excluded the weekend and if I include it calculates over the full week.