Lack of weekly capacity setting for Workload View using new Work Schedule option

I’m testing out the new Work Schedule feature currently in Beta, using it in a Workload View. If I enable the Custom Capacity option (ie not Work Schedule), I can input a weekly capacity and the Workload View will display items in red that go over the daily average of that capacity limit.
However, when I switch from Custom to Work Schedule, there is no weekly capacity input field. And even if I set the minutes (Numbers column) for a given task to a very small number, it still shows as red. Anyone got any ideas how the new Work Schedule option in Workload View calculates over/under capacity? I know it’s in Beta but just trying to understand the logic of Work Schedule in the Workload View.

Hey Patrick!

I am checking on this with our team internally. I will update you as soon as I hear back :pray:

Thanks for your patience with me Patrick.

Regarding the work schedule feature, this works so that the capacity is defined by the work schedule the user is assigned to - (working days defined in work schedule * by working hours per day) - non working days. The custom setting can be used if you don’t want to pull the capacity from the work schedule. Does this help explain?