Workload Percentage settings

How does the workload percentage settings work?
I have simple 2 task assigned to two resources and it shows me 100% on workload even when they have more than 100% utilization assigned . Can someone please help . should there be weekly capacity setting? Thanks

Hey @Iaa,

Can you please try including a weekly capacity so that the it can total the effort/hours assigned, across that roughly 3 month timeline, against a weekly capacity limit? This way it should highlight whether a team member is over capacity based upon this number… let me know if this makes sense. :pray

Thank you for responding. Yes I did and it works fine when i add that but how can I make it dynamic? for example
Question 1- weekly capacity for 13 weeks is 7.69 . Timeline is Oct 2 to Dec 29 but as soon as add another week and change timeline to Oct 2 to Jan 5. the no of weeks is 14 weeks and weekly capacity would be 7.14
Question 2 - How can i make this dynamic as timeline changes and also if different resources have different projects on different timelines the weekly capacity number will be different for each resource


Ah I see what you’re referring to here. At this time, you would need to manually update the weekly capacity in the workload widget, as it doesn’t function dynamically at this time - I do hear where you’re coming from here however and apologise for the setback :pray:

If it helps in any way you could set weekly capacity per person/team via this option:

or via our new work schedule feature:

Let me know what you think!