Workload Widget - assign remaining effort to the future

I thought the workload widget was my answer but it seems really flawed to me. I want to use this to plan how much capacity each team member has. But all it does is divide the “Effort” column by the number of weeks even if those weeks are in the past. My “Effort” column is actually a calculated column subtracting time tracking hours from the Total Effort for the project.


So if there are 10 hours for a 10 week project the widget would show 1 hour per week. That’s fine until you move two weeks in to the project and you haven’t actually done any effort. This means you have 10 hours over the space of the remaining 8 weeks but it still shows 1 hour per week including the two in the past. I want this to update in real time without having to manually change the timeline which negates the whole idea.

Maybe I’m approaching this wrong but I’m struggling to work out a way I use Monday to see how much resource I have available based on actual remaining effort.