Annual UK Holidays in Timeline View

We are a construction company and we are trying to schedule projects on as an overview so we can see what work each team has scheduled over the next 12 months. This is a moving schedule and an overview style. We want to make sure that when we schedule a project that goes over for example a Bank Holiday that it takes this off the scheduled days. It would be very helpful if we could choose to take out bank holidays or have a feature to put these into the timeline view so it takes these into account on each task. I am not sure how clear I have described this so let me know if you require more clarification.

If anyone else has had this experience or knows a solution around the problem I would love to hear ideas.




Hey @dplcharlotte - we are looking to add the ability to have/add black out dates to accounts so the date & timeline columns can recognize them and skip them.

At this time you can make use of the Timeline to skip weekends (unless your team does work weekends).

Apart from adjusting holidays are you able to set up this overall schedule with the Timeline Widget or Workload Widget?