Holiday/Blackout days in Timeline/Gantt Views

We are also awaiting this feature, thank you


We also keenly await this feature


We would also need this feature. It would be great to see some response from Monday as to why it has not been included so far.


Do you have any updates about this feature request. Being able to add our company holidays to the site and then have the system treat those as non business days so that our due dates and timelines are always using the correct dates.


@monday-team This is a super basic thing - why is there no update or reply?


Is it possible to add the above functionality?
It would be vital to the productivity of my company too.

Thanks kindly


As our team is global, we have holidays falling everywhere and even people taking a holiday that we cannot account for in the timeline and this feature would fill a huge gap for us at the moment.

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please prioritize this feature. not having this option really complicates the time tracking I use for my team.


We need this feature

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Up, really needed, it is a core process on every sheduling


Hi, We also really need his feature - we have both company wide shut downs and public holidays that need to be added schedules to see the impact



Together with one of our partners we have build an app for more advanced planning. This includes entering dates or timeline, 4 dependency type (including backward planning) and lag. The app is designed to allow for holiday / blackout days. As these days are different in different parts of the world we need to define those days somewhere in the account.

Poll: what do you think is the best location inside your monday account to store your holiday / blackout days. Interested in your ideas, so we can incorporate those ideas in the app.

@basdebruin I’d say probably just in a bespoke board, honestly. Maybe in a “Holiday” workspace just to keep it separate from everything else.

I agree Holiday blocking is an essential feature - this is a basic need for project management. I am disappointed not to see any responses from Monday/com Product Managers here - being a PM myself. I personally would put this feature in Admin area - where we set up the workdays since our holidays are usually company wide affecting all schedules globally. Secondly, and less important - I would put an additional feature for Resourcing for people’s personal days off.


@monday-team We also need this feature. Is there an update?

We totally agree Holiday blocking is basic feature for project management.

Also the ability to schedule based on a 4 day workweek.

There is an app called SchedulePro that let you define both the workweek and blackout dates in a view. The app is currently in the process of getting approved in the marketplace. More info can be provided by @Kimb

Below is a screenshot of the view (blocking out Thanksgiving and the Christmas week). The final layout of the view can change a litle but the funtionality stays the same.

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Thank you @basdebruin. Happy for those interested to submit this form, here. Enjoy ! :slight_smile:

I would like to see blackout dates on a board-by-board level, and even to the point of assigning owners to the blackout dates - Is one person from the team going on vacation? Is the entire organization closed? Just one country on holiday vs. the worldwide organization?