Hourly scheduling dispatch - Time Block, Schedule Column, Duration or End Time

Dear Monday.com

Monday.com is indeed mighty and has endless possibilities to be fit to any business operation. However there are few minor detail would help if possible.

  1. Include Duration or End time on date column for schedule to show scheduling block in calendar. For field worker management this is crucial feature, and user can use Monday.com as scheduling form for businesses. This option should have automation where ‘until set end time don’t allow other time can be set by today’ This will avoid double booking.

  2. Automation cache. I’ve experienced number of times that when I use automation for status to active time tracking it was hit or miss. If trigger cache is operate offline it can record time more accurately.

  3. Horizontal day calendar view. Many dispatch users are use to horizontal schedules view, and hope this could be easy feature update.

This easy feature update could allow anyone who need to schedule work could manage schedule using Monday.com, which will also provide invoices, and if inventory is available for the job in the warehouse/storage.
This will empower dispatcher, resource management, and field workers. Field workers may schedule themselves, and provide invoice to the customer.
-Hope these feature be updated in near future.

Hello @brandonjhwang and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I can see how these features can be useful to some users! I have shared this requests with our team so that they can be reviewed :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the feedback!