Start and end time in date column

As soon as an start time is selected, and the column is in sync with your calendar it shows 1 hour in the calendar.
This, in some cases can work wuite confusing, because this specific item (pulse) can represent a workshop of 3 hours.
Being able to select an end time would solve that.

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This is actually a really great feature request. Can you let us know a bit more about your use case? I want to run this by the team!


Ofcourse. We use planning boards with timeline- and deadline columns. We share them with clients (shareble boards) and we ask our clients to sync their calendar with the deadline column (we also sync our calendars internally).
After agreeing on a workshop of 3 hours we plan this meeting in the planning board with de date and the start time in the deadline column. In the agenda it appears as 1 hours which is confusing for all. An end time would solve this