Duration/Timeslots for Calendar

I want to use monday.com as a project management tool, BUT the calendar does not support time slots for events. It only allows an event for 1 hour but in real life this never fits. Either it is too short or too long. So whats the use exactly to implement a time functionality to the calendar and then not allow defining how long the event takes???
I saw that a couple of guys already requested this for years. Is it really such a difficult feature???


Hey @Geserit! Thanks for posting.

Our team is aware of the issue and is looking into adding this for Q3 of this year. I can definitely understand how it’d be helpful to have time slots/duration on the calendar view.

Now we believe people use it for the beginning of meetings and for scheduling when to start projects, but it would be very useful if a duration could be set for those.

Stay on the look out!


What is the status of this when is it coming?

Very interested in this feature - we are now using Google Calendar to block out repeating monthly departmental tasks, but need this integrated into Monday so we can check the tasks off, leave notes etc.

Any update on when this is being rolled out?

How far along is this function to see the duration of an appointment on the calendar? Is it active?

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Any updates on this yet?


Would also like to get update on this feature please
It’s indeed necessary

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I would really love an update on this.
I am currently switching all our main processes to monday, and I would like to automate e-mail templates that will give our customers date and time for each slot of our online webinars.

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I would love to see this as well I currently work in events and would love to have a timeline of the show schedule

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Any update please @TRB-monday.com ? This is a fairly critical feature!


We really also need this feature.
We have a customer which we are building up Monday boards. Promised them this would be a feature end of 21 due to your answers here Monday support.
Could you at least give an update? @TRB-monday.com

any update on this? we need this to plant for event/seminars. Thks

any update on this Monday.
We have a client we promised this?

I had thought, while looking at the Calendar Widget and example template, that this kind of functionality was built in now. With columns like date, time and duration, you would think that I would be able to use the Calendar View to be able to see meetings that are scheduled without having to leave monday.com. This isn’t at all useful however.

I understand that it isn’t a scheduling software, but if you are pushing the WorkOS model, then I should be able to incorporate my meetings into a workflow (they are still an essential part of work after all) and be able to generate a working calendar from your example. Sure, I can see all the items listed at the top of the day, but with the amount of information visible, it just appears as a big blob since it is only tied to the date, not the hour. Even without the item being tied to the duration, having them appear at the hour mark would be helpful.

I just deleted the view since I can’t use it at all.

It would be nice if I was able to display all meetings setup in a board, based on those criteria. If the view allows me to show the hours, I should be able to see that a meeting for project X is at 8:00 AM, a review of Project y’s tasks is happening at 10:30 AM, and project z’s close-out is at 2:30 PM, with them all at the correct “spots” on the calendar. Bonus points if I could tie the duration to “cover” the hours on the calendar, but I would settle for just having it tied to the time.

I’m new to Monday.com and this is a must have feature for us! Do you have any updates as I’m seeing that this should have been implimented in Q3 last year…

Any update on when this will be included/changed for the calendar view?


And is there any way to change which time slots are shown, so that it only shows the business hours and not all 24 hours of the day?
It’s very frustrating having to scroll down every single time the view is opened because it starts at 12am.
And is there a way to make it “fit” the screen area that it’s in as well, so one can see the entire day at a glance?!

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+1 for this request! also for the time slots feature

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This is long overdue according to your earlier post. Looking for a solution only to end up in a dead thread is no fun.

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