Duration/Timeslots for Calendar

I want to use monday.com as a project management tool, BUT the calendar does not support time slots for events. It only allows an event for 1 hour but in real life this never fits. Either it is too short or too long. So whats the use exactly to implement a time functionality to the calendar and then not allow defining how long the event takes???
I saw that a couple of guys already requested this for years. Is it really such a difficult feature???


Hey @Geserit! Thanks for posting.

Our team is aware of the issue and is looking into adding this for Q3 of this year. I can definitely understand how it’d be helpful to have time slots/duration on the calendar view.

Now we believe people use it for the beginning of meetings and for scheduling when to start projects, but it would be very useful if a duration could be set for those.

Stay on the look out!

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