Duration/Timeslots for Calendar

The “Time Slot Duration” refers to the duration of a slot on the calendar. For example, if your Time Slot Duration is set to 15 minutes, your calendar will look like the below image. The appointment listed is a 15-minute appointment.


There is a custom calendar app out there but it costs a fortune - seems a lot for simply wanting to add a duration element.

Has anyone looked at developing their own and how difficult that might be?

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Here to see if there has been any movement on this. It has been more than a year since @TRB-monday.com suggested this might be released. Even an update to say “no, it won’t be possible for a while” would be good. Any current workarounds for this are really clunky.

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Looking for an update on this feature request. Any idea when this may be added?

I agree. It’s a terrible user experience having all 24 hours displaying! It makes it too frustrating to use.

Hello. I see this was supposedly going to be resolved Q3 2022. Any update on when we might see something on this?