Visualization of Workload grouped by Dropdown

Hi there,

I stumbled upon a problem and I wanted to ask if anybody solved it before, or has any idea how to solve it.

The situation is as follows. Our department uses to track projects and the utilization of our team members. The project leads have access to, while the team members don’t. Therefore we created a dropdown column that represents the individual team members in order to assign projects and subtasks to them. Now I want to use the Workload-Widget to visualize the utilization of the team (aka the dropdown categories). However, I don’t seem to find an option where I could group the utilization by anything else then the Standard “Person-Column” (see picture). Is there any workaround for this?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @marvin

Not really, but maybe an alternative. Why not making the individual team members a “viewer type”, this type will not use normal seats and now you can use a person column to select the individual.

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Hi @basdebruin

Thank you very much for the quick reply! I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

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