Assigning Individual Hours for Same Task (to be seen in Dashboard)


I’m trying to create an accurate understanding of my team’s current capacity in a Dashboard. However, we have many tasks which multiple team members will be involved in, but will not all need to spend the same amount of hours. As far as I can tell, Monday doesn’t allow for hours assigned to items to be divvied up that way. After Googling, I found someone mentioning a workaround where you automate adding subitems for each member as subitems under the task. However when I try to bring this info into the Workload widget, it’s (a) not pulling the hours from the sub items even though I have subitems selected and (b) still only allowing me to Split or Sum up the tasks.

Is there any way to accurately reflect an individual’s hours for shared tasks without duplicating the task for each person who’s working on it? It seems nuts to not have the ability to do this. Any suggestions (even if it’s switching to a different software :unamused: are welcome).



I’d love to know the answer to this because I have the same challenges.