Planning board technicians

Hello, I’m sorry I’m French and I’m not very good at writing in English.

When I schedule tasks for my technicians each week, they have a total of 35 hours to complete the tasks. Unless they are on vacation. So I would like to be able to easily have the number of hours available and thus be able to plan better.
I have already put a leave table in place, but I can’t get a graph that could easily show me the hours available by technician and those planned for him.
I hope i was clear.
Thank you

@Thierry have you played around with the Workload widget in the dashboard at all yet? If you have a task board where the tasks have an estimated/planned hours column (or subtask column) then when team members are assigned to the tasks, you will see how many hours they have assigned to them each week. You can set custom limits for hours before going over (such as your 35) as well as make it so that tasks with estimated hours can either have the hours set for each person on the task (a task with 2 people and 10 planned hours will add 10 to each person’s workload), or split between each person on the task (the same task will instead add 5 hours to each person’s workload).

I’ve been enjoying using it to better work through some similar task and time planning of my own. A fun aspect I’ve seen is that if the task has a timeline column to indicate planned work dates, and those work dates spread across several weeks, it will break up the workload of the task by those weeks as well (a task with 1 person set for 3 weeks and 15 planned hours will add 5 hours to that person’s workload for each of those 3 weeks). Where I was using it, I essentially had tasks set up for my project with different subtasks that could be assigned out to members of my team. Each subtask had an owner, estimated hours, actual hours, and a timeline for completion. Then I had two workload widgets side by side that showed estimated workloads and actual workloads from week to week using those subitem column values.

I hope this helps, and I was clear enough in my description. I used to have a functional level of French, but it has been far too long to be able to explain or describe this widget effectively or accurately.