Allocating hours/time management

Hello, when creating a task, I would like to be able to specify expected hours for completion, and, as a result, to be able to see the workload allocated to a team member at any given time. Does this functionality exist in Monday?

Hey Brian! Yes, you will want to take a look at our Workload Widget or Workload View!

The Workload View is a feature that helps you visualize and understand work allocation across your whole team. You can see in one glance who is over capacity and assign upcoming tasks accordingly. You can set capacities for how much work a person can take on as well.

Let us know if this helps you see the data you need! :smiling_face:

Thanks Charlotte, this will do just fine! Icing on the cake would be the ability to have an indication of a person’s workload at the moment of assigning a task, without having to move between the main table and the workload tab. Is this possible?

Hi Brian,

You can accomplish that with a new view.
Choose a new blank view, then add the workload and table widgets, set up your widgets to show only the relevant information, add any other widgets that make sense for your workflow, and voila.
I would name the view triage, or workload, or something that makes sense for the task the view facilitates.
In a similar fashion, you can create board views for virtually limitless use-cases.

I hope that helps. Best of luck to you Brian!

Thanks @APICaptain. Also: I am not seeing workload calculated across boards. Is this not possible? Do I need to restrict all my team’s work to one board in order to get a picture of resource allocation?@CharlotteK