Resource Management/Utiliziation Board/View Ideas?

I am wondering what/how some folks out there have set up their resource management/utilization boards/views?

We can’t use Workload because it automatically spreads tasks evenly across the entire timeline of a task, which then results in a person being over allocated, when they are not.

So, I am looking at building a board and translate to a dashboard.

Basically I need to do the following/what I’m thinking of doing:

  • Have a list of tasks and resources assigned to those tasks
  • A column that displays their weekly capacity (in hours)
  • A column that displays how much work they’ve been assigned to (in hours) for a period of time.
  • A column that displays how much work they’ve actually done so far (in hours)

and then somehow make this all display into something that says, this resource is assigned x mount of hours this week and this is their capacity for the week. Would be nice if I can get into a nice calendar view (similar to workload).

I don’t want to use any paid third party aps/integrations. Thoughts? I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall, I might be over complicating this.