Resource management tool

Hi team,
there is a great tool called Float which allows granularity when it comes to resource management. We love, but when it comes to serious resource management, we have to have a different tool. Our management feels the float gives more capability/visibility. Is there anything on a pipeline to provide this level of resource management? Or, maybe, someone can develop an app?
Screen for your information:

I completely agree, as the Workload widget and the constraints of the number of boards that can be linked are too limiting. Resource capacity planning is key when you have a large team and you are looking at different scenarios for the project teams workload.

Alternatively, enhance what has with the Workload Widget:

  • enable a volume of boards by workspaces
  • enable a push button to pull all the resource changes
  • change the full screen mode back to default full screen not split mode
  • option to include or exclude sub-items in capacity planning