Workload for sub-tasks visualized jointly with workload for tasks

Any update on this functionality as we really need this to resolve our workload capacity planning in tasks and sub tasks. This has been raised for quite a while. How can we escalate or view the roadmap to see if its coming

Any update on this Mollie?

This is a critical requirement.

This should have been sorted before rolling out subitems as a required column. How do I now persuade the team not to use them when they’re on each new board as standard?

This ‘new functinoality’ is essentially breaking existing functionality like roll-up to workload and high-level boards.

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Hi Monday team,

This is also a critical point for our business as we are integrating several departments into Monday. I have multiple boards that assign resources at either an item-level (small tasks) or sub-item level (large projects). There is no clear way to analyse and understand our resource requirements. There needs to be an option in the workload widget to combine both sub-item and item people/date columns.

Current options for the workload widget only allow to select item OR sub-item level

My suggestion would be (not sure if this would work for all users here), to add options similar to the gantt widget where you can select date, owner and effort columns at both item and sub-item level.


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Hi all :wave:

If an add-on is an option, you can now use Screenful to create dashboards and reports with both tasks and subtasks.

It will give you the low-level item detail that you are looking for when breaking down your work for a more granular view.

Here is a guide to help you get started: Tracking subitems with Screenful

We also have a chart that enables tracking workloads and capacity on subitem level, you can learn more about it on this blog post.

Just want to add one more vote and voice for supporting both items and subitems in one workload view. Having to choose one or the other is very limiting. I have seen posts on this and other topics with 3rd party tools that can get the job done for an additional fee. It is frustrating that Monday is not more proactive in fixing these issues.

Just here to add another vote to this feature.

There are some third-party solutions/apps, but they are very pricey!
And it seems that since there is a Workload functionality already in place it’s just a matter of aggregating the time columns and not just choosing one or the other.

In a way it’s very sad to see that has been 2 years since OP posted it, without not really addressing this…

This is so frustrating, because it’s exactly why we’re even looking at a product like We want to understand at a glance what’s on everyones’ plates.

I’ve been working to set up all these automations that create subitems, since nearly everything we do is a distinct, repeatable project with separate parts handled by different team members (the same team members each time).

I thoughty maybe I could do a more messy version, and instead of having the sub-tasks added as subitems for each new item, I could create distinct groups on the same board, and have an automation so that when a new item is added, it adds new items to other groups that represent the sub-tasks, BUT OF COURSE MONDAY.COM DOESN’T HAVE AN AUTOMATION FOR THAT.

It seems like this tool was designed to ALMOST…BUT NOT QUITE be what we are looking for. And we’re just a team of 7 people doing in-house marketing, so it seems like it should be a breeze…It’s so very very frustrating trying to find a product that does what we want.

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Hi everyone!

Unless I am not understanding correctly, you should now be able to merge subitem and item data together within your workload view or widget.

Do let me know if I’ve misunderstood :+1:

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Thats a good one improvement highly requested in this site!

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I do not see this in my account (it looks like a TEST in your screenshot above), is there a way to have this active in my own account to try out? I also need subitems to affect workflow, otherwise this feature is not helpful at all.

Hey @michellerenee! Would you be happy to send over a screenshot of what you see in your workload settings so I can take a look? :pray:

Hm - can you let me know if duplicating that view changes anything? If not, can you try creating a new workload view - does this work?

Ooh, creating a new view worked! Thank you!


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Glad to hear that helped! :blush:

The problem is that the subitems are all assigned to different team members and this view lumps all of the subitem work under the assignee of the parent item. This means that the team workload is misrepresenting the amount of work for each team member.

The assignee of the main item shows as having four distinct tasks, while in reality that team member has two tasks (both subitems) and two other team members each have one task (as subitems).

In this case, there are three team members (A, B, and C), where A has two tasks while B and C have one task respectively (all subitems).