Workload Widget results wonky when using a horizontal board with multiple people

I’m working with a dashboard workload widget and I’ve discovered an anomaly that I don’t understand. Maybe folks have some insight into what I’m doing wrong or if there is a product constraint that I’m not aware of. I cannot seem to get accurate workload data on a dashboard with two boards. One board uses a vertical orientation with single People columns. The other board uses a horizontal orientation with three People columns. The vertical, one person board seems to work fine however the horizontal board makes me choose which person to group by. I don’t want to group them. Of course I want to understand the full workload perspective.

Any insight into what I need to do to get a complete perspective of workload?

Hey John! :wave:

Just wondering - when you don’t select any person column to group by, do you see any difference?

Is the issue here that you’re not seeing the items come through for the first person (amccloy) but you are seeing the workload show up for the other four people?

@CharlotteK thanks for your response. Jose at helped me figure out how to make things work.