Any templates for trade show participation?

I handle my company’s participation in trade shows. I would love to see see if anyone has any high level boards that I can use to show my executive team (and anyone else) at a glance where we’ll be, how large our booth is, budget, booth #, etc. I’d also love to see a low-level board for just my team to use as a checklist of sorts for all of the tasks involved with the planning process.


Maybe something like this could be helpful?:

The map widget uses a location column to produce a map view so you can see where your shows will be. In this demo, the purple markers are past events and the blue markers are upcoming events.
Your execs can click on the markers to pull up an item view where they can get all of the pertinent information for that trade show:

Here is what the table view looks like and how I would organize my tasks by trade show:

Let me know if you’d like help getting something like this set up!

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Hi @rosalyn.g :slight_smile:

What @greg_elevate said is exactly right - we’ve used that solution before, and it worked perfectly :+1:

One of the best parts of the trade show boards that @greg_elevate screenshotted is that you can see where geographically each trade show is located, and you can get detailed information on each show directly from the map view. I highly recommend this type of board for trade shows!

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